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We supply major Components of an Electric Bike or Scooter

ELECTRIC HUB MOTOR to drive the rear wheel directly and there are two types of Electric Hub Motor i.e. DC Brush Motor and DC Brush less motor having two basic parts namely Permanent Magnet Stator and Wound Rotor.

ELECTRONIC MOTOR CONTROLLER is the central controlling unit of any Electric two wheeler provides electric power to the motor based on inputs from the accelerator.

ELECTRONIC ACCELERATOR sends electronic signals to the Electronic Motor Controller to maneuver the bike or scooter.

BATTERY PACK is like the fuel tank of E Bike or Scooter. There are different kinds of batteries like Lead Acid, Nickel Metal Hydrate (Ni-MH), Lithium, etc. that are used for supplying energy.

BATTERY CHARGER is used to charge the battery pack of E Bikes or Scooters, just like a mobile phone or a laptop. Some battery chargers are in-built and some are separate that carried always on the move. The charger converts an AC supply to DC to store power in the battery and it can be used with any normal domestic AC plug point. This makes charging of battery pack easy and convenient.
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